Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's a Brand New Year at jQ jewelry designs ...

As I turn that last calendar page for 2010, I've imagined some special goals for myself as well as my business ...
jQ jewelry designs.

On a personal level, I want to maintain and grow strong relationships with those people that are most important to me, continue in the revelation that it is not material objects that make my world go 'round, and not gain back any of the relatively large amount of weight that I've lost over the past two years. It appears there are more Don'ts than there are Dos, but that's only a matter of semantics. I'm still moving towards a positive outcome.

And then there is the matter of setting business goals for jQ jewelry designs ...

Lake Hartwell

2010 was a very important year for my jewelry business; not as an online Shop on Etsy, but in the fact that I have been able to develop a presence in the real world ... the Brick and Mortar!

Katy Trail Gift Shop, St. Louis

I have a new line of handcrafted jewelry, named 'small pleasures', designed around vintage beads that has been selling quite well in my former hometown of St. Louis. There is a sprinkling of my sterling & gemstone designs from jQ jewelry designs available in these shops, but my entrance into the B & M world has been mainly due to beads with Provinance.

Missouri Botanical Gardens Gift Shop

And so I go about setting some priorities for 2011, both on and off Etsy . . .

~ Develope personal website as a wholesale source. Etsy has been disappointing for me the last half of the year, while sales have been growing offline.

~ Grow jQ jewelry designs in present Brick and mortar venues.

~ Online presence for 'small  pleasures', not necessarily on Etsy

~ Facebook business presence

~ Blog more often, and comment frequently on targeted  blogs of others

~ Utilize flickr more often. Buyers come from all sorts of places!

~ Maximize Etsy Opportunities
        - Increase listing of new items
        - Increase relisting activity for the for the first quarter
        - Promotional Frenzy   > Commit to spending five hours a week on these activities
                                            > Don't expect overnight success, but consider this form of
                                                  promotion as a long-term investment

~ Use materials I already own. I have a huge collection of precious metals, high quality gemstones, lampwork and vintage beads and components. Use em up!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

THE YEAR IN PICTURES ... at jQ jewelry designs

Looking back over the past year, I've both purchased and created some wonderful items in my little corner of Etsy World! I'd like to share some of my favorite purchases created by very talented Artisans, as well as several of the jewelry designs I'm most proud of.

Felted Wool Crocheted Scarf

I haven't made a lot of purchases on Etsy, or anywhere else this year, but I fell in love with the jewel-tone colors and unusual shape of this scarf from blackcatboutiqueShe called it the Medusa, and it's a great layering piece that goes with so many things. Is is a scarf or is it a necklace?  Both ... depending on my mood!

Felted Wool Brooch

I've been looking for just the right felted wool brooch for a couple of years now. I even tried to felt one myself. Abysmal!  When I ran across this beauty in a Shop participating in one of the Promotional Frenzy BNRs, it was love at first sight.  This flower circle design created by SensoryFelted is whimsical and the colors amazing.

Pippit's Christmas Gift

This is also one of my favorite purchases in 2010, but must remain a secret until my dear friend opens it Christmas morning. I'll post the real thing then ...

Fabulous Electroformed Lampwork Bead

I'm slightly obsessed with Electroformed lampwork, and I'm sure you can see why from the beautiful hand-torched glass bead I found on Etsy not so song ago.  No link to the artist, though. There are some secrets I cannot divulge and sources that I'm too selfish to share!

Beautiful Oregon Sunstone Nuggets

And now ... on to my Favorite Creations designed by Me!

 Pagoda by jQ jewelry designs

Inspired by Japanese architecture, where pagodas are often made with five levels, the result is a piece of Art to be cherished always!  You may see this design here.

The Neutrals by jQ jewelry designs

This finest quality gemstone and silver bracelet is designed with meticulously faceted Fire Opals, Champagne Citrine, Bi-Color Quartz, Whiskey Quartz and Cognac Quartz. These beautiful transparent gemstones are all sparkle and shine in a harmonious mix of finely faceted cuts. Additional photographs are available here. 

Stormy Waters by jQ jewelry designs

Displaying amazing flash, this Labradorite is among the most beautiful it has been my pleasure to work with. This clasp is certainly focal-worthy, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second showing it off by wearing it on the side or top of my writst! See more pictures of this design here.

Glitterati ... Rare Schiller Oregon Sunstone
This year I started creating double strand bracelets and have loved using the highest quality gemstones in these luxe designs.  This particular bracelet is designed with gem quality pink, red and green examples of this ethereal gemstone. This gem is very special to me and I currently have four pieces using variations of this glittering stone.

2010 also brought about a very big change in the way I used photographs of my jewelry designs. I began to use split-screen photographs that depict a second photo that compliments the colors and most importantly, the mood  of each piece. I have enjoyed the process, even though time consuming, and love the results.  Four favorites are pictured below ...

Forest Floor features Grossular Garnet in warm, earthy tones and includes a stunning Labradorite Box Clasp

 Imperial Rosé - Sumptuous gemstones sparkle with the subtle, alluring colours of Dom Pérignon and Moët

Industrial Revolution is a bold, urban design

The Chihuly in sterling silver and vibrant dichroic glass
All designs may be found at jQ jewelry designs in the Currently Available or Sold sections.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


on a Hugely Successful Promotional Frenzy BNR!!!

!!!!!!!!!!! (73 bought out, 84 sales) !!!!!!!!!!!



But the Questions Still Remain ...

The Promotional Frenzy BNR is coming!!

 WHO?        Only one person knows who is Featured in today's Promotional Frenzy, and she's
                   not telling ... at least not until shortly before 4pm EST this afternoon.

WHAT?       BNR Treasuries ... Buy and Replace Treasuries are like 'live' shopping.  A        
                   Curator makes a Treasury, and then etsy buyers and sellers visit the Treasury
                   while people buy and chat through the comments section.  If you're an Etsy seller
                   and you make a purchase, an item from your Shop replaces the one you bought
                   in the Treasury. Once your item is in there, it will hopefully be purchased and 
                   replaced with an item from the buyer's Shop.  Lots of fun, buying and promoting
                   goes on, and a good time is had by all! 

WHEN?       Today (12/13/2010) from 4pm til 1am EST (Etsy time)

WHERE?     The location will be revealed here shortly before the 4pm 'Grande Opening'.

WHY?          Join us in the Promotional Frenzy BNR and enjoy a 'live' shopping experiencing
                    while meeting new Etsy people, making new Etsy friends, chatting and having a
                    whole lotta fun.  See ya there!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Newest Addition to the Box Clasp Line at JQ jewelry designs ...


Finest Labradorite Silver Bracelet with Large Box Clasp at jQ jewelry designs

Teardrop Box Clasp - Labradorite

This bracelet is the latest addition to my new Box Clasp jewelry line. It is quite substantial and adds a bold element to the very high quality Labradorite rondelle cut gemstones in the design.

Displaying amazing flash, this Labradorite is among the most beautiful it has been my pleasure to work with. This clasp is certainly focal-worthy, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second showing it off by wearing it on the side or top of my writst!

Add cLasbradorite has an unusual faceting called  'honeycomb' faceting

Sterling silver accents - a textured round, another polished to a mirror finish and a Celtic knot bead have been placed asymmetrically and add to the distinctive nature of this bracelet. Tiny granulated spacers separate each gemstone, and an artisan crafted fine silver wildflower dangles from the bold box clasp.

See the other designs created using Labradorite in my Etsy Shop


Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Grossular Garnet and Sterling Silver Bracelet ~ jQ jewelry designs
Both functional and decorative, I've fallen hard for The Box Clasp!
And it's definitely my new favorite jewelry clasp ...

Bracelet from jQ jewelry designs with Vintage Button Box Clasp

This type of clasp has a 'V' shaped tab on one side that is inserted into a box on the other. The tab clicks into the box - when you want to remove the piece of jewelry the back part of the tab is compressed between two fingers so the tab can be pulled from the box.

See how a box clasp is constructed HERE

Unlike what is implied by the name - the shape of box clasps are not always square or rectangular like a box.  Box clasp assemblies that are small are used for lighter weight necklaces such as pearls or small gemstones.

Box clasps come in many shapes such as Oval and Pear-shaped

Some jewelry designers use large, decorative box clasp assemblies that are set with gemstones or etched with decorative symbols. While simple clasps are usually worn in the back of the neck or the underside of the wrist, this type of box clasp is meant to be worn in front, in a pendant like fashion.

From The Print Collection available at Nina Designs

Multi Gemstone Box Clasp available at bijoullery on Etsy

Vintage round one-strand pearl box clasp; circa 1940's - waytobead on Etsy

Vintage French Enamel & Glass Button Bos Clasp - adrianasbeadsclasps

Vintage Bead Button Box Clasp

Monday, November 15, 2010


Cinnamon Carmels brought to you by The Caramel Jar

Cinnamon Promotional Frenzy BNR
Monday, November 15th
4:00 PM - 1:00 AM EST

~ Join us at 4pm EST for the Fourth Edition of Promotional Frenzy BNR Monday!
~ Link will become visible at 4pm - visit Cinnamon BNR here
~ Last week we had 79 sales in one day!!! Our goal is 100 sales this time!
~ Please come out and help chat, have fun... and maybe even find some holiday gifts
~ Visit the Promotional Frenzy thread here

************** WHAT IS A BNR? **************

* Buy 'N Replace

* It's fun once you figure it out! You buy any item from any shop in the Treasury - then they're 'bumped' off and your shop is listed in their spot - the item is usually picked by the Curator. Great way to gain exposure, meet new etsy friends, and make some sales.

Here is a list of the featured Shops:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back in the Saddle!

I've been bitten by the Retailing Bug ...

Well, re-bitten actually!  Yes friends, it's true ... I've decided to go back to work in the wonderful world of retailing.  Retail sales may be struggling nowadays, but the holiday season is probably the one good time to enter back into the melee ... if ya have the guts.

I should probably be concentrating on my little jewelry corner of the world in order to maximize sales during the upcoming holiday season, but I've made my bed and now I'm going to lie in it. And gladly, at that!  Everybody who knows me is aware that I'm one of those crazy people who just loves Retailing and is able to cope with all that it implies: irregular schedules, nights and weekends spent at work ... not with your family & friends.  And during the holiday shopping season, there's no time off for good behavior!  It's mad, it's crazy ... it's Retailing!

So I'm dipping my big toe back in the water by connecting with one of my very favorite stores!
No hints; you'll have to guess or find it in among my Facebook 'likes'.

PS  Thanks to Teresa and Dawn for the business recommendations! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Buy and Replace Treasury - Round 2

Promotional  Frenzy Buy n Replace is now Open

Round 2 : Monday, Oct. 25th - 10AM EST

Strawberry Wine 'N Chocolate

Round 1 was a huge success with 22 sales (18 bought out), and I hear a rumor that this time the goal is 30 sales! All those who were in the last one when it ended will be carried over to this round!

If you enjoy buying into these Treasuries, and you want the opportunity to increase your sales, the Strawberry Wine 'N Chocolate BNR is a must!

Word has it that I was made the first purchase this morning ...   
We create a Treasury (pictorial gallery of 16 items on Etsy) with a variety of sellers. Then you "announce" that you're buying from a specific seller in that treasury. Come back with your transaction link, and we'll put your shop in our treasury in place of the one from which you bought! It's just that easy!

Strawberry Wine 'N Chocolate is hosted by the members of the Promotional Frenzy thread on the Etsy forums. Join us here to group promote on Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM EST and bring your friends!

Brownies - JaneyMay79

Granny Square Baby Afghan - CrochetedByCharlene

Sunday, October 24, 2010

LAMPWORK - Birthday Sale at jQ jewelry designs!

Lampwork Jewelry on Sale!

The Birthday Sale has started at jQ jewelry designs, and Lampwork is today's featured Category.  Handcrafted by some very talented artists, these special focal beads have been hand-torched and kiln-annealed for lasting strength and beauty. Kudos go out to Louise Little, Shannon Hill and Sweetwater Studio for their contributions to these wonderful jewelry designs!

Visit my Shop between now and October 30th to receive a special discount of 25% off all jewelry. (Custom orders not included in this sale)

Dewdrops - Asymetrical  Braclet Design

Chrome - Textured Lampwork Necklace

The Blues - Dichroic Lampwork, Apatitie and Aquamarine Bracelet

Desert Bloom - Citrine and Pyrite Necklace

Antiquities - African Turquoise and Antiqued Brass Necklace


Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Sale at jQ jewelry designs!

Celebrate with 25% Off!

I'll be having one of those major birthdays soon and have decided to offer my wonderful customers BIRTHDAY SALE savings of 25% off all items in my Etsy Shop. No coupon code to enter - all prices will be adjusted to reflect the discount, and the original included at the beginning of every item description.

I'm hoping to add new pieces before and during the sale and will Reserve items now upon request. The BIRTHDAY SALE savings will begin Sat, October 23rd and expire October 30th.

Thank you for your kind support! ~Jill Q

 jQ jewelry designs

RECENT ADDITIONS TO jQ jewelry designs:

The Neutrals


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Latest and Greatest ... from JQ jewelry designs

Yes, Big IS Beautiful ...

The Neutrals available on Etsy

This new bracelet leaves me feeling anything but Neutral!  Designed to be bold and versatile, these substantial gemstones are of the finest quality and in shades that are equally at home with with that little black dress as with many of the top 10 colors espoused in the Pantone Fashion Color Report  for Fall/Winter 2010.

Transparent and gemmy, the lovely 'rocks' include Quartz of the Bi-color, Whiskey and Cognac variety, Fire Opal and Champagne Citrine.  With such meticulous faceting, this bracelet sparkles and shines on-and-on! 

Equally at home with jeans & a tee OR cashmere and a tweed pencil skirt

Large, meticulously faceted  Fire Opals almost steal the show!


Canyonlands available on Etsy

Another of my new designs is Canyonlands ...   a double-strand bracelet created using Utah Jasper.  This unusual stone comes from un- restricted federal lands in Utah and exhibits beautiful colors and patterns.  These gemstones have a very high polish and wonderful shades of grey, berry, yellow & golds  and ivory. The nuggets have a special drill in that half are drilled lengthwise and the others across the width. Smooth Mookaite rondelles pick up the various shades and are the perfect compliment. Mookaite is also a Jasper and comes from Mooka Creek in Australia.

Utah Jasper and Mookaite

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