Friday, August 31, 2007

PRINCESS DIANA - More Than a Style Icon . . .

Remembering Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a true style icon. As Lady Diana Spencer, she owned one formal dress, but by 1991, her closet held 95 evening gowns, 176 suits, 200 purses and 250 pairs of shoes!
She dutifully wore long, conservative gowns as a member of the Royal Family, but following her separation from Prince Charles, Diana adopted a streamlined look that included sheath dresses from Versace and Christian Lacroix.
But her legacy has always been her generosity, not her style. Before her tragic death, she auctioned off 79 gowns at a Christie's auction that raised $6 million for AIDS and breast cancer charities.
Truly unforgettable.

Friday, August 24, 2007

PANTONE® Unveils Fashion Color Report Fall 2007

Complex and exotic describe the intriguingly unusual and inviting color palette for fall ‘07.

The traditional neutral shades expected for autumn have been replaced this season with rich, nuanced hues, offering more opportunity for creativity with interesting and unexpected color combinations.

Spicy Chili Pepper and exotic Lemon Curry stimulate the taste buds, entice the senses and enliven any wardrobe. Purple Wine, the ultimate expression of creativity, marries purple and wine, broadening the appeal of purple for fashion. The violet undertones of Dusk give gray a whole new dimension, making this fall’s neutral much more desirable.

Carafe, a deep, espresso brown, adds contrast to the palette, providing a rich alternative to the usual black or charcoal. Sumptuous Cashmere Rose is not only the perfect complement to any of fall’s colors, but also flatters any complexion. Many seasons have paid homage to nature, and fall ‘07 is no exception.

Shale Green takes the shade in a murky, blue/gray direction, while foliage-inspired Green Moss goes to the yellow side. Earthy Burnt Ochre is this autumn’s orange and sophisticated Stargazer continues the trend of turquoise, but with a deeper intensity. “Designers find inspiration in a variety of places, but one thing they all have in common this season is a rich, complex color palette to stimulate creativity,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

“Nuanced colors with subtle undertones enhance the ever-present neutrals and allow for clever and extraordinary color combinations. Pairing designer pieces with mainstream staples has become a way of life, and color adds an important dimension for expressing one’s unique sense of style.”

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fall Fashion Trends 2007: Purple Passion

According to the 'fashion indie' Fall '07 Trend Report, for the fall season, purple ruled the runway. A color once relegated only to royalty , it made appearances at a number of shows including that of indie guru, Zac Posen. Looking great with shades of burgundy, gray and blacks, you won't have to look far this Fall to add this color to your wardrobe. From a simple pair of earrings to a full length ball gown, this color rules! Just don’t over do it on the purple power, the last thing you want is for some snarky, smart aleck to start calling you Barney!
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