Sunday, May 30, 2010

My New Favorite Gemstone . . .

The All Natural, All-American Gemstone

Oregon Sunstone!

In the rugged high desert of south central Oregon, embedded in ancient volcanic lava under the sage brush and grass . . .

. . . lies Oregon Sunstone.

This is really, really unusual material. There's nothing like it available anywhere else in the world, and I can't get enough of the unique metallic glitter that comes from the patterns of copper inside of this gem. And don't get me started on how transparent it is!

jQ jewelry designs

Peachy- pinks, pale with a lot of schiller, sunstone has a beautiful soft ethereal look to it.
It's gorgeous, it glows.

jQ jewelry designs

Sunstone comes in a range of colors: clear, a very pale yellow, pinks, peaches, spinel red, green, and the most rare, blue green.

jQ jewelry designs
Some stones are bicolored or tricolored. Sunstone is also a color change stone and is different colors under different lights, and can change colors with different angles.

A lot of jewelry lovers haven't heard about this amazing gem, but a savvy designer recognizes a good thing when she/he sees it.

Personally, I want everybody to know about Oregon sunstone . . .
I'm on a mission!

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