Monday, November 15, 2010


Cinnamon Carmels brought to you by The Caramel Jar

Cinnamon Promotional Frenzy BNR
Monday, November 15th
4:00 PM - 1:00 AM EST

~ Join us at 4pm EST for the Fourth Edition of Promotional Frenzy BNR Monday!
~ Link will become visible at 4pm - visit Cinnamon BNR here
~ Last week we had 79 sales in one day!!! Our goal is 100 sales this time!
~ Please come out and help chat, have fun... and maybe even find some holiday gifts
~ Visit the Promotional Frenzy thread here

************** WHAT IS A BNR? **************

* Buy 'N Replace

* It's fun once you figure it out! You buy any item from any shop in the Treasury - then they're 'bumped' off and your shop is listed in their spot - the item is usually picked by the Curator. Great way to gain exposure, meet new etsy friends, and make some sales.

Here is a list of the featured Shops:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back in the Saddle!

I've been bitten by the Retailing Bug ...

Well, re-bitten actually!  Yes friends, it's true ... I've decided to go back to work in the wonderful world of retailing.  Retail sales may be struggling nowadays, but the holiday season is probably the one good time to enter back into the melee ... if ya have the guts.

I should probably be concentrating on my little jewelry corner of the world in order to maximize sales during the upcoming holiday season, but I've made my bed and now I'm going to lie in it. And gladly, at that!  Everybody who knows me is aware that I'm one of those crazy people who just loves Retailing and is able to cope with all that it implies: irregular schedules, nights and weekends spent at work ... not with your family & friends.  And during the holiday shopping season, there's no time off for good behavior!  It's mad, it's crazy ... it's Retailing!

So I'm dipping my big toe back in the water by connecting with one of my very favorite stores!
No hints; you'll have to guess or find it in among my Facebook 'likes'.

PS  Thanks to Teresa and Dawn for the business recommendations! 

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