Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FALL GEMSTONE PREVIEW at jQ jewelry designs

The Shades of Fall
jQ jewelry designs Fall 2010

Fall is on its way, and it's definitely my favorite season of the year!
Reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears - "It's not too hot and it's not too cold ... it's juuuust right!" After the unusually high temps we've had in Atlanta this summer, it can't arrive too soon for me.

Grossular Garnet ... all the shades of Fall's changing leaves!

I went to a Gem and Bead Show this past weekend.  I hadn't actually planned to attend, but on a last minute whim, decided I felt like going after all ...  definitely the right decision!  The gemstones were particularly beautiful and the variety of high quality stones was the best I've seen outside of the Tucson Shows, on a much smaller scale, of course.

Mexican Fire Opal

In the world of Opals, Mexican Fire Opals are unique.  I got my hands on some especially beautiful strands with the full range of colors from white, to yellows, oranges and the cherry reds.  Plenty of warm glow and fiery play of color in these bright 7mm faceted beauties.  Reminded me of the showy colors of Fall leaves that the trees in my back yard will have in another month.

Rare Vintage Swarovski Crystal

Ahhh, vintage ... I just love vintage jewelry components! Ran across some really old, rare and collectible colors & effects, as well as shapes. If you see these fabulous crystals anywhere ... jump on them! You can get clues as to the age of Swarovski crystals from the packaging. It has changed several times over the years, both the inner and outer packages. For instance, the ones marked KS Swarovski are older than the DS Swarovski packages, but both indicate that the particular crystals are indeed old.  Some vintage may be found in packaging that says Swarovski, but these examples wouldn't be nearly as aged.

DS Swarovski packaging indicates Vintage status

Moss Aquamarine ... earthy and organic

I snapped up this unusually large, 8-9mm Moss Aquamarine.  It's the very best shade of blue/green/grey and is loaded with little mossy pebbles,  giving the stone a moss-like appearance.  These tiny inclusions are actually trace elements of iron.  This strand really knocked my eyes out!

Amazing sterling silver box clasps in Labradorite

A Silver vendor at this show had a huge selection of sterling box clasps.  Labradorite is one of my very favorite gemstones, and I splurged on some substantial single and double strand styles. These stones all show an exceptional amount of color play that I could almost see from clear across the room ;D   I chose two different shapes with green & gold coloring that blend beautifully with the Grossular Garnet.  I may be forced to keep one of those bracelet designs for myself!

Natural Peruvian Blue Opal in a Sky Blue ... colors as crisp as a Fall day

Platinum Grey Moonstone ... Silky Smooth w/ ethereal milky adularscense

High quality Tourmaline rhondelles

Spectacular slices of Bi-color Watermelon Tourmaline
Sometimes a gemstone is so amazing . . . there are just no Words!

All these gorgeous gemstones should be enough to get me started designing some exciting new jewelry for Fall ... well, enough for now!  New designs weekly available at jQ jewelry designs

Sunday, August 22, 2010


When? May 13, 2011 . . . that's a Friday!

I knew my son was going to propose to Jen a couple of months before it actually happened. He called to talk about his thoughts on the engagement ring and again when he'd narrowed the selection. I was so excited to be included in the process! My husband and I were really tickled to be the only ones who knew the Big Secret. Paul was going to propose during a weekend event at their alma mater - they had met while attending Truman State University.
June 11, 2011

I never knew my son was such a romantic.  He really wanted Jen to always remember the day he proposed and did a lot of planning.  I'm not sure who enjoyed the actual proposal more, but Jen seemed pretty happy ...
"We had arrived in Kirksville Friday morning for the "Taste of Truman" weekend where we stay in the dorms, take classes, and relive our college experience. After dinner at Il Spazio - the restaurant where we first met - we decided to walk around campus. Waiting until sunset, Paul got down on one knee in the sunken garden and proposed. It was perfect!"

Rules of Engagement: Engagement Photos
Faust Park: Chesterfield, MO
Engagement Photos by Mudd Photography
Some people always manage to have their ducks in a row!
My husband and I have known Jen for several years and have come to think of her as a member of the family before she ever became our future DIL.  We're just crazy about her!

I've got  to say that Jen is pretty much of a Wonder and definitely a girl after my own heart!  No last minute wedding plans or disorganization for her ...

  • Wedding Party             check!
  • Guests list                  check!
  • Wedding Ceremony     check!
  • Reception                   check!
  • Transportation             check!
  • Photographer              check!
  • The Dress                   check!
  • Bridesmaids' dresses   check!
  •                check!
  • Wedding cake
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Gift Registry                  
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