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Grossular Garnet and Sterling Silver Bracelet ~ jQ jewelry designs
Both functional and decorative, I've fallen hard for The Box Clasp!
And it's definitely my new favorite jewelry clasp ...

Bracelet from jQ jewelry designs with Vintage Button Box Clasp

This type of clasp has a 'V' shaped tab on one side that is inserted into a box on the other. The tab clicks into the box - when you want to remove the piece of jewelry the back part of the tab is compressed between two fingers so the tab can be pulled from the box.

See how a box clasp is constructed HERE

Unlike what is implied by the name - the shape of box clasps are not always square or rectangular like a box.  Box clasp assemblies that are small are used for lighter weight necklaces such as pearls or small gemstones.

Box clasps come in many shapes such as Oval and Pear-shaped

Some jewelry designers use large, decorative box clasp assemblies that are set with gemstones or etched with decorative symbols. While simple clasps are usually worn in the back of the neck or the underside of the wrist, this type of box clasp is meant to be worn in front, in a pendant like fashion.

From The Print Collection available at Nina Designs

Multi Gemstone Box Clasp available at bijoullery on Etsy

Vintage round one-strand pearl box clasp; circa 1940's - waytobead on Etsy

Vintage French Enamel & Glass Button Bos Clasp - adrianasbeadsclasps

Vintage Bead Button Box Clasp


Molly @ Me and Madeline said...

I've never seen this type of clasp before - really cool!

Lbtoyos said...

Love that clasp that you can found. Here there are some but smallers and simplier that these.
Love the bracelet with the big focus bead.

Dell Cove Spice said...

who knew there were so many gorgeous clasps? how fun!

Giftbearer said...

I love the clasps with gemstones set in them!

galla15 said...

Ahhhh I have a website with a ton of fancy clasps. They make me drool, like this post did. LOL
I love the pearl one!!

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