Thursday, June 23, 2011

Promo Frenzy Team Enters the HandmadeTop 10 Contest!

There's a new site called Handmade Top Ten List recently started by the same Etsy seller who runs the very well know website, Handmadeology! Tim has announced the very first Etsy Team Challenge designed to give Etsy Teams more exposure and give them a chance to win an advertising package worth $450.  

The Promotional Frenzy Team has gotten on the bandwagon in a big way! Our goal is for every member to add two items to our Top 10 list and promote, promote promote! And we're definitely rocking out The Vote :D

Check out some of the items from our members, and be sure to visit our Voting page by clicking on "A Handmade Top 10 List" in the rust-colored box below. From there you can 'Like' us on Facebook ...  
                                                         VVV    Click Here    VVV  

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the items that are representing the Promo Frenzy Team in this contest ...

Petunia and Ivy

Most of what you see in this adorable Etsy shop is created for newborns, but the shop owner, Jennifer will be happy to customize to a larger size and different color!
Petunia and Ivy opened in February, and I can guarantee it has some of the cutest item photographs on Etsy!!!

Artisans Book Lounge
The Artisans Book Lounge is where you will find Business e-books and a variety of crafting books to help you grow and your Etsy shop grow. Janet also has two other shops on Etsy ...   Tinkets N Whatnots Jewelry shop and Supplies shop.


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