Friday, October 15, 2010

Promotional Frenzy for BearInk Coming to Etsy!

Ink Heart Earrings by BearInk

You Are Invited . . . 30 Minute Promotional Frenzy!!!

Join us for the very first 30-Minutel Promotional Frenzy where everyone promotes one person's work, making use of social networking sites like Twitter and Stumbleupon to reach beyond Etsy for buyers.

            Who?        BearInk on Etsy

            What?       30-Minute Promotional Frenzy

            Where?     The new thread in the Etsy Forums created to help you: Promotional Frenzy

            When?      Saturday, October 16th at 9pm EST

            Why?        Social Networking can be alot of fun as well as an excellent way to promote
                              your business.

                              For an ultimate guide to social media marketing terms, you may be interested
                              in the "Social Media Marketing Dictionary: 101 Terms to Know".  Read more

Frenzies for the whole group are held every Tuesday night at 9:00 PM EST

Galactic Diamond Ring by BearInk

Visit BearInk's Shop on Etsy


Linda B said...

I'm going to join the thread, too. They're a great bunch.

d3b...* said...

she has such a great shop!

Crystal Zacharias said...

Sorry...can't make it :(

Jay n Rhonda said...

Thanks for the info! Hope to see you there!

Giftbearer said...

Great post! Very clear and easy to read! Love the pictures too!

I hope there will be a big turnout!

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